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Bulletproof: Collagen Protein Bar Review

I went ahead and grabbed a few of these bars to try with a few other folks so I would get more of an unbiased review. However these bars are just not worth it. I love a good protein bar but these are just incredibly dry with a weird aftertaste to them. Might be due to the collagen but since protein bars are usually meant for traveling I don't think these travel well. The chocolate covered ones were slightly more enjoyable than the non-chocolate covered bars but the thought is since its coated in chocolate shell the bar has a harder chance of drying out like it did the others. The macros aren't that great in these either as a Quest bar will have more protein, less fat and relatively the same amount of net carbs and protein content.

Calories: 150 to 190

Fat: 11g to 12g

Net Carbs: 3g to 4g

Protein: 7g to 11g

Rating: 2/5

Cost: $23 to $33/12 pack @ Amazon

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