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HighKey: Mini Cookies - Vanilla Shortbread Review

Not that I encourage eating an entire bag of cookies but since these only come in at 1g of sugar I wouldn't be surprised if you did. The collagen and egg whites help add to the protein content of these cookies making them pretty rounded when it comes to macros. HighKey is one of my favorite brands that is consistently putting out new and great products for the low carbohydrate folks of the world while also giving some attention to the protein fiends. These go great with tea or just as their own and don't have the cooling effect that some products sweetened with erythritol have. I've also heard from the folks on reddit that they tend to put the whole bag in a bowl and tend to eat it cookie crisp style with your favorite milk.

Calories: 130

Fat: 13g

Net Carbs: 2g

Protein: 4g

Rating: 5/5

Cost: $13.97/3 pack @ Amazon

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