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Keto Pint: Butter Pecan Ice Cream Review

Butter pecan AKA the butterscotch ice cream of your dreams. This ice cream is sweetened with Stevia however it's not overly sweet but is carefully folded in with swirls of buttery goodness and has pecan pieces clustered throughout. To get that prime Ice Cream texture a pro-tip would be to leave these out to thaw about 10-15 minutes ahead of time to get the perfect ice cream texture. The only issue I have with Keto Ice Creams would probably be that they have crazy amounts of fat but that's mostly attributed to the yummy low glycemic cream that they use as their main ingredient.

Calories: 220

Fat: 20g

Net Carbs: 3g

Protein: 6g

Rating: 5/5

Cost: $7.50 @ KetoPint

**Ice cream is my favorite dessert of all time so this page will continue to mostly have copious amounts of ice cream reviews.

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