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40 Best Keto Snacks and Staples of 2022

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

You've noticed the low sugar, low carb, ketogenic diet pick up some attention with folks like Lebron James, Halle Berry and even Vinny from Jersey Shore swearing by it. I've personally had some ups & downs with it but overall its been very helpful removing the added sugars and super processed food out of my diet.

I've tried countless amounts of sweet & savory snacks, drinks, mixes, etc. over my time on this diet and compiled the top 40 of those snacks here.


Sweet Snacks

1.) Enlightened: Sugar-Free Ice Cream Cones

Miss holding ice cream in an easy to go but possibly messy scenario? These sugar-free cones are the way to go. Not only are they not loaded with fillers these are crispy, airy and somehow still sturdy.

2.) Quest: Peanut Butter Cups

I thought I would have to forget a lot about my addictive relationship with peanut butter cups but the people over at Quest made an even more desirable version. Avoid the candy hangover with 11g grams of protein and only 1g of net carbs.

3.) Highkey: Dark Chocolate Almond Caramel Clusters

These turtle disc things are addicting, they are ooey gooey and incredibly soft. They have a pecan version which is just as good but what does it for me is not having the feeling of my mouth being glued shut with ridiculous amounts of caramel.

4.) HighKey: Mini Cookies

The cookie that started it all. The success and taste of this cookie launched the insane amount of low-sugar alternatives you see on their website. These cookies have a slight crunch but an amazing taste similar to (if not better) the Famous yellow bagged cookies you had as a kid.

5.) Wabry: No Added Sugar Strawberry Syrup

Miss syrup on your cakes? Look no further than Wabry's. Not only will you be supporting your body with the strawberry, blueberry or peach syrups but a meal is donated to an orphaned child via the GiveLight Foundation.

6.) Schoolyard Snacks: Keto Cereal - Peanut Butter

A bit of a new comer to the game but definitely a top contender in the ready to go snack section. These cereals are so good they can be eaten dry. My favorite way to eat them however is topping on some keto ice cream.

7.) Good Good: Keto Friendly Sweet Blueberry Jam

I thought jams/jellies were going to be something I would have to get used to living without. However the folks over at Good Good, made the best jam I have tried to date. Sweetened with Stevia you cant go wrong with any flavor.

8.) Nuts'n More: High Protein Peanut Butter (Cookie Butter)

To go with your jam you need some nut butter, but not just any almond or peanut butter. This butter is mixed with whey protein to give you that extra bump without having to tackle a crazy amount of calories. They have a ton of flavors but my favorite is the one modeled after the Trader Joe's Cookie Butter flavor.

9.) General Mill's: Wonderworks Keto Friendly Cereal

You most likely have heard of General Mills as one of the major players in the cereal game for years. However it looks like now they are catching on and trying to focus more on cleaner ingredients. Although not my favorite I do love the idea of

companies introducing cleaner ingredients to all.

10.) Du Good: Keto Fudge Bites

Chocolatey dense and fudgy. Overall these were great but I wish they had more nuts. These can also can be found at Trader Joes but for the sake of convenience (and an e-book) you can find them on Amazon as well.

11.) Legendary Foods: Toaster Pastry

These things are the closest thing out there to a ready to go pop-tart. Although I am not crazy about the price for $2.08 a serving it doesn't sound as bad. Especially for something as incredibly delicious as these. With the added benefit of collagen these things taste great warm or cool.

12.) Lily's: Dark Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

Now that movie theaters are opening back up I would definitely try finding a way to convince theaters of "carrying" these. Not too strong on the caramel flavors but packs a ton of crunch and softness. The popcorn doesn't get soggy or stale due to the fact of the chocolate shell keeping it intact.

13.) Sola: Granola

I've tried an ungodly amount of granola and these are what I keep coming back to. The added protein puffs make these the best granola out there (Keto or not). You can't go wrong with any of their flavors and they taste just as good with some cereal or on its own.

14.) Catalina Crunch: Chocolate Vanilla Keto Sandwich Cookies

The one flavor of Oreo's that haven't been made yet. These things are a perfect to go snack. The flavors are definitely not like the traditionally sandwich cookie but taste great nonetheless. I dip these in my milk for some classic vibes or just crumble them as a topping.

15.) Keto Krisp: Chocolate Raspberry Bar Review

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16.) Keto Farms: Candied Pecans, Cocoa Almonds & Toffee Peanuts

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17.) Catalina Crunch: Maple Waffle Keto Friendly Cereal

Breakfast just tastes better at night or is that just me? Or maybe its just that regular cereal is secretly a dessert with just a ton of sugar? Regardless, this cereal by Catalina Crunch hopefully won't give you the jitters before bed. This is probably my favorite cereal by them tied for first with the fruity variation that taste like Froot Loops.

18.) ProMix Protein Puffs: Ch0colate

If you're looking for any way to add some extra protein in your diet outside of the typical chalky shake then these puffs are the way to go. A scoop of these puffs come with 10g of protein with only 50 calories so this is a great option if you're in the cutting phase

19.) Smart Sweets: Blue Raspberry & Watermelon Lollipop

Female founded company Smart Sweets is doing its part in providing healthier alternatives to the traditional candies that have been running the game for years. These lollipops are no exception. Plant based and low sugar, these lollipops are a great choice for those who are missing that sweet/sour kick you'd usually get from candy.


Savory Snacks

20.) Quevos: Egg White Chips

Shelf stable eggs? I was a bit weary on these at first but haven't looked back once I tasted these. They have a light and airy crunch and have the protein content to back it up.

21.) Hilo: Low Carb Snack Mix

Be it on a hike, after a workout or a week long vacation I recommend taking these with. Watch the calories though as nuts tend to add up fast snacking. Especially if you're into cheese is literally seasoned with more cheese.

22.) Karma: Skin on Lime Twist Cashews

I didn't even know I was eating naked cashews my entire life but apparently they've had skin. Turns out there are some benefits to eating the skin like higher polyphenols (antioxidants) and 4.5x more fiber. These come in a bunch of flavors but Chili Lime is the way for me.

23.) Epic: Chicken Crisps

Sturdy, crazy crunchy and simple. These only have a few ingredients and fit the bill if you're missing some crunch in your life. They can get a little dry so I would make sure you have some dip/salsa with these.

24.) Schoolyard Snacks: Keto Puffs

Along with cereal this company also makes Puffs. The Flamin' Hot flavor is actually spicy and only 90 calories per bag. These are the ultimate ready to go snack and if spice isn't your cup of tea they are consistently coming out with new flavors. So far under their belt they have Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ and Cheddar Cheese.

25.) Franz: Keto White Bread

The one thing that I've seen more options around is simply bread. If you miss white bread then this is the top choice. They have zero net carbs with only a minimal amount of calories. Definitely holds a sandwich together than the usual wet lettuce wrap.

26.) Highkey Almond Flour Crackers

This brand is probably one of the best players in the low carb snack game right now. They are absolutely killing it and consistently coming out with amazing creations of your favorite foods. If you need miss crackers with a definite and sturdy crunch these will most definitely do the job.

27.) Wholesome Provisions: Protein Chips

Chips are a very hard thing to get right but it seems like everyone is trying make a healthier version of them these days. From blue corn to whole grain to being made out of popcorn the varieties are endless. However these protein chips are definitely up there as one of my favorites.

28.) Botticelli: Traditional Pizza Sauce

If it fits your macros (IFYM) then this pizza sauce is probably my go to sauce whenever I make pizza, keto friendly or not. Botticelli is a family owned company who's sauce is actually a product of Italy. I like to use this on my pizzas, spaghetti squashes, breadsticks or in any recipe that calls for some red sauce.

29.) Catalina Crunch: Keto Friendly Spice Kick Crunch

You either LOVE Chex Mix or are either very indifferent about them. However this party mix by Catalina Crunch really gives the OG snack a run for its money. Made with cleaner and specially curated natural ingredients the "crunch" this gives is surreal.

30.) Walden Farms: Zero Calorie Ranch Dressing

Luckily going keto is getting easier and easier every day as we see more folks cutting out processed sugars and being more in tune with their diets/body to what works best for them. If you found a fix for keto pizza but not ranch then look no further than to the folks over at Walden Farms. With what seems like black magic they apparently have somehow come up with a delicious tasting zero calorie, zero carb, zero fat ranch.

31.) Mr. Tortilla: Low Carb Multigrain Tortilla

When I started to measure my macros I thought my tortilla eating days were over. Mr. Tortilla proved me dead wrong. These tortillas are strong and can hold up to any toppings you decide to load these up with. They taste great cold as well as slightly heated up as well in the microwave or stovetop.



32.) Zevia Colas

Soda is something that has been much debated on over the years given the introduction of diet soda. However I think Zevia ended the debate with their line of Stevia sweetened sodas. They have all the flavor without any of the sugars or colors.

33.) Protein2O

This one has been a long time coming but better late than never. Probably one of the best sports water in existence. These have electrolytes plus whey protein in water so its like whey protein mixed with some Powerade/Gatorade.

34.) Celsius Energy Drinks

You can find energy drinks in every corner. I've tried my fair share in college as well as after but these ones probably rank in my top 3. This have a natural source of caffeine as well as promises to help you loose weight but sticking to your plan will be the thing that does that.

35.) Ripple Unsweetened Pea Milk

You might think unsweetened milk made out of peas may taste horrendous but this is the exact opposite. It has the thick creaminess of regular milk but with none of the sugar. It also helps that the plant based pea protein gives it the extra oompf of protein that dairy milk doesn't.


Baking/Instant Mixes

36.) Scotty's Keto Pizza Crust

If you picked up a quarantine habit of baking sourdough but also picked up a few pounds yourself this mix may help put those skills to good use. Not super difficult to make and actually requires you to proof your bread like your standard flour based recipe. Has more of a pizza like texture than most other alternatives out there without being made from fathead dough or cauliflower.

37.) Livlo Keto Biscuits

Golden buttery and insanely soft. Super easy to make, you can literally make biscuits with three things. I like to cook mine a little over so they get a better crust around them. They also have a secret recipe on the back that can help you with making Cheddar biscuits which I have yet to try.

38.) Lakanto Sugar Freee Pancake & Baking Mix

I've tried a fair share of mixes but these would take the (pan) cake. A fluffy and springy consistency that you look for in a pancake but not dry like the other mixes you find out there. Naturally sweetened with a monkfruit this is not too overly sweet. I personally recommend whipping the egg whites first before adding in the mix for some airier, fluffier Japanese soufflé pancakes.

39.) Miss Jones: Keto & Paleo Fudge Brownie Baking Mix

Miss Jones has done it. They have created a brownie that isn't just dry or a crumbly that many other keto/paleo brownies tend to be. This mix is probably the only brownie mix that I have tried that has that fudge-y texture you look for in a brownie.

40.) Simply Delish: Natural Vanilla Keto Pudding

Keto puddings are hard to find but this dessert pudding is just right. This comes without the added aspartame or anything else that may potentially be harmful. It's low sugar, low cal and low fat but definitely has the all of the flavor of the original puddings that we enjoyed as kids. It was also incredibly easy to make.


These are my top choices for my favorite items of 2022 so far. Let me know of your favorites below and I will make sure to add it to my list!

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