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Legendary Foods: Tasty Pastry Pop Tart: Brown Sugar Cinnamon - Cake Style Review

I've reviewed these bad boys in the past and immediately ordered the cake version of the brown sugar cinnamon pastry. The other flavors seemed fairly chalky and bland to me but this one literally took the cake. It has a soft, cake like texture and is not overloaded with sugar like the OG pop-tarts have. This however, is loaded with 20g of protein and only 5g of net carbs. You can eat them as is or try your luck at heating them up via the microwave or toaster oven but be careful as the icing tends to slide off the top. The ingredient list is full of actual ingredients which is probably why the price tag is a little higher rather than being pumped full of fillers and additives. However I try to eat these as a treat or as a snack for an on the go high protein fix.

Calories: 170

Fat: 7g

Net Carbs: 5g

Protein: 20g

Rating: 5/5

Cost: 8pk/$22.32 @ Amazon

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