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Mr. Tortilla: Low Carb Multigrain Tortilla Review

When I started to measure my macros I thought my tortilla eating days were over. Mr. Tortilla proved me dead wrong. These tortillas are strong and can hold up to any toppings you decide to load these up with. They taste great cold as well as slightly heated up as well in the microwave or stovetop. Be careful with the stovetop however because they can crisp up fairly quickly and dry out. I personally like to use these as replacements for naan whenever I have Indian food since I've found a lot of it is generally keto friendly or can be made keto very easily. I knocked down a point for these since I personally enjoy flour tortillas so I lean more towards Missions Carb Balance tortillas.

Calories: 35

Fat: 1g

Net Carbs: 2g

Protein: 3g

Rating: 4/5

Cost: $31.49/48pack @ Amazon

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