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Smart Sweets: Blue Raspberry & Watermelon Lollipop Review

Female founded company Smart Sweets is doing its part in providing healthier alternatives to the traditional candies that have been running the game for years. These lollipops are no exception. Plant based and low sugar, these lollipops are a great choice for those who are missing that sweet/sour kick you'd usually get from candy. Both flavors are amazing but if you are strictly watching your carb count or on a keto diet these may not fit your macros. Each pop has 7g of net carbs so eat these in moderation i. If you're looking for a more low carb option check out this sugar-free option from Maria.

Calories: 30

Fat: 0g

Net Carbs: 7g

Protein: 0g

Rating: 3.5/5

Cost: $5.69/ @ Amazon

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